Add 3d models

3d models

Our 3d modellers can create 3d models if you supply photographs or sketches. For more complicated 3D work, you’ll need to supply pictures from all sides, including the top.

We can model your logo in 3D and that is best done with vector based art. Supply your logo in any format, but preferably a vector one such as .svg, .cdr, or .eps.

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Instructions for supplying your own model:
Scale your model to fit inside the crystal. Draw the minimum needed for engraving, One way to judge this is to print a photo of your object at the size that it will be engraved. If you can't see it on paper then you don't need it in your model.

Our software will distribute points evenly over the surfaces of your model. The engraved model will be opaque, this means that internal components can also be seen, eg the engine under the bonnet of a car. To represent colours we use different point densities. For this, make each coloured item a distinct object, or put it on a separate layer.

Before saving your model, convert it into a mesh of triangular faces. We will always send you a proof to confirm what we see matches what you have created.

We use Blender for 3d modelling. Artwork can be in any common 3d file format, such as .blend, .dxf, .stl, .obj, 3ds.

Export as Lithography (*.stl). We have found that this format works best.
We can also use AutoCAD R12/LT2 DXF (*.dxf). This requires simplifying your model by exploding it, once or twice, until it is made up of faces. If you like, send us both.
Don't send us .dwg formatted files.

One Blender unit=1mm
Don't convert your model to a mesh, we will do that for you.

Export using the .stl format.