Add images or photos

Artwork can be supplied in any common file format - so if you can open it, we can use it! We’re happy to accept physical prints if electronic copies are unavailable. It is unusual for artwork to be unusable. We can also create imagery for you, or enhance what you have. Use the enquire button below to ask questions, otherwise we will contact you after checkout.

Allow a 5mm margin on all sides of your image. The crystals are hand finished and dimensions are +/- 3mm. The resolution should be set to 300dpi.  Your design will be converted to black and white. The laser only fires on white pixels. The laser engraved point size is fixed, and is white. Grays will appear opaque, as the points will be further apart. Text that is smaller than 3mm in height should not be anti aliased.

  • Save your file as an 8 bit grayscale .bmp
  • Use white, and grays for the foreground
  • Make the background 100% black

We use GIMP, Inkscape, and CorelDraw. We also have Photoshop. We can handle the following formats. .bmp .png .jpg .xcf .psd .svg .tif .eps .cdr .pdf.